A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist. Writings of Amadeo Bordiga on this server (Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Russian). [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] . Media in category “Amadeo Bordiga”. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Amadeo 1, × 1,; KB.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Amadeo Bordiga. It ought to have been clear to everyone, then, that the Italian communists would reject any alliance with the socialists, both during the struggle to seize power and after should that struggle have succeeded. The role of the party in the period of ebb was to preserve the program and to carry on the propaganda work possible until the next turn of the tide, not to dilute it while chasing ephemeral popularity.

The violent sparks that flashed between the reophores [??? In this text, we would have agreed not to call for boycotting the election campaign, in exchange for their support of our basic thesis that the Party should split.

Amadeo Bordiga on Capitalism and Other Disasters 3. The text of the interview was originally published in Storia Contemporanea no. In the early stages, another important debate took place concerning the admission criteria of the parties that asked to be included in the Communist International. What was the advantage of the line you advocated? You are commenting using your Twitter account. During the Italian colonial war against Libya September to October many members of the FGSI agitated against the war amongst conscripts — while PSI parliamentary representatives voted for it.

Is it true that your disagreement with Gramsci concerned above all his assessment of the Italian situation? Bordiga also spoke to journalists Sergio Zavoli and Edek Osser for a filmed interviewexcerpts of which were included in a documentary on the rise of Fascism.

I knew only of Gramsci and nothing of this. Our revolution, the proletarian revolution, will be the last, but we marxists, so he says, will take into account all the revolutions of the species. The argument that, before the split, the proletarian front — which we always refused to consider a strategic weapon — would bbordiga had a broader base, had been demagogically advanced by all pro-unity types, including Serrati.


It was decided that all Fascist and social-democratic parties should be considered enemies of Moscow and of Communism. How do you respond to these objections raised by Lenin and others at the Congress in Moscow? The unions on new grounds: About Amadeo Bordiga Amadeo Bordiga was the first leader of the Italian communist party, borddiga he helped found inalong with Antonio Gramsci, who aadeo better known.

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Above all, however, what follows is a lucid historical examination of the revolutionary method. This article needs additional citations for verification. Later, when Balbo crossed the Atlantic, the brave workers of Parma wrote in large letters on the banks of the stream the following taunt: We thus claim all forms of activity peculiar to the favourable periods, insofar as the real force relations render it possible. Search this blog Search.

The objective of this new organisation was certainly not to gain the majority of votes at the Congress in Livorno, but rather to lay the foundations of the real communist party, which could only result from the open split between the followers of Moscow and the others. As explained in the appeal we immediately lodged with the Executive of the Communist International in Moscow, the supposed consultation with the base of the Party had taken place in a manner that could only be described as questionable and suspicious.

I turn my back on the formal party, as I go towards the historical one. Organically speaking, such transmission can only utilise, in the most faithful way, the line linking the action of the group through which the above mentioned tradition revealed itself 40 years ago, to the present line.

He attended his last meeting of the Boddiga Committee of the Comintern inthe same year in which he confronted Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin face-to-face. When the workmate becomes a client. Does this interpretation correctly reflect your thinking? He was to spend the last four decades of his life at the margins of the bordkga, of which he remained a critic in his writings. An article by Crudo about hip-hop as culture of boridga working class and some of the problems within the music.


The issue of the expulsion of the reformists had already been resolved and deliberated upon at the Congress in Moscow. Bordiga proudly defined himself as anti-democratic, believing himself to be following the tradition of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

The Fascist movement was certainly not oriented against one of these two poles, but aimed to block the offensive of the revolutionary proletariat, fighting for the conservation of all social forms of the private economy. The King had taken back his declaration of a state of siege, against the counsel of his generals.

Inthe occupation of the factories represented the culmination of the unrest that was taking place throughout the country.

Is this the time to form “soviets”? Regiments of the carabinieri were deployed against the city of Ancona, while a whole borrdiga of destroyers lay anchor off the coast of Bari.

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Our proposal was bordigq rejected by the maximalists. He felt that the Stalinist regimes that came into existence after were extending the bourgeois nature of prior revolutions that degenerated as all had in common a policy of expropriation and agrarian and productive development, which he considered negations of previous conditions and not the genuine construction of socialism. Seeing as the conclusions of a consultation such as ours bordigw to have involved the central organs of the party, my proposal should have resulted — in a healthy movement — in the appropriate implementation borduga.

Criticising the Turin group, Il Soviet wrote: August 19, at 2: Did you regard the proposal as having political limitations, or were you concerned about Ambrosini himself? Why were you, Mr Bordiga, always against any action involving a common front or alliance between communists and the other parties that opposed Fascism?

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Or do you reject it outright? Concerning the relationship between Antonio Gramsci and his friend Piero Gobetti, editor of Rivoluzione LiberaleI can tell you that I talked to Gramsci about this once. Were the masses not willing and ready to fight?