For fans of Maggie Stiefvater and Lesley Livingston comes a clever twist on the mortal/immortal love story by hot debut author Ryan Graudin. Intense and elec. A paranormal romance that’s notable for its Fae protagonist’s honest examination of what loving a mortal will cost her. Read All That Glows by Ryan Graudin by Ryan Graudin by Ryan Graudin for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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My last major issue with All That Glows is that I don’t know much about the fairies and their rules from reading this. I did feel that the romance took over this book though. The romance is the central geaudin in this book, so if you aren’t into that, it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy the story. Everything makes her sick. View all 7 comments. Than the triumph of battle.

All That Glows

Which is a horrible, horrible idea that I always end up doing. And the atmosphere that the author create was lovely. The premise is ludicrous, but I somehow really liked it. The romance was super sweet.

ALL THAT GLOWS by Ryan Graudin | Kirkus Reviews

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books. Trying to get through this book was painful. You think my metaphors are bad?

Jun 28, Debbie Narh rated it did not like it Shelves: He was a party boy who preferred to forget the responsibilities of the crown he never wanted. This book graudim something even worse than insta-love: Jun 29, Ornella Nyx marked it as never-finished Shelves: Apparently they guard the royal family because the royals’ blood has magic in it or something.


Emrys and Richard were so apl together. I felt no tension in the plot. In my opinion, he’s a better person with Emrys. Graudin for this, since is very difficult to keep the reader clueless until the very end. She still risked and almost ruined everything, especially not knowing that she would fall in love with him, but I forgive her. Yeah, Richard is the only person most of the time that sees Emrys because of her invisible vale.

He barely had a personality except being a party boy. Ryan Graudin created a stand alone, contemporary, magically infused, fantasy that simply dazzles in All That Glosw.

Intense and electric, this is the ultimate tale of forbidden love. No trivia or gglows yet. I beta-read this for Ryan and her writing is beautiful!!! In which a partying prince falls in love a Kate Middletonesque fae, aol has been protecting the British royal family for centuries, and who must make an impossible choice amidst a backdrop of a palace murder and paparazzi mayhem.

Protect the prince, figure out who is targeting the royal family. But I have a need to complete things! Everything happens exactly as a happy ending would call for, and that bothered me a bit.

She’s a a,l that ends up being the guard of Prince Richard. I don’t need the freakin’ metaphors all the time. Richard and Emrys, in all their instalovey glory, made for actually an OK couple. An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review.

A petite, linen-cloaked table waits for us on the lawn, covered with plates of freshly sliced fruits, eggs, sausage, and toast. And the books are even better than Jericho Barrons.


That’s pretty standard in YA fiction. I couldn’t really understand her actions at all. Near the end, I almost died! Was this book intended to be a parody? Oh, and the faeries are all girls. Which is fine, but I feel if that’s what you’re going to do it need to be woven into the story. But, it seemed to work, after a while.

Perfection, my friends, is so not the way to go. Still, I thought some of the non-romantic scenes were decently written, and though the story ends as you’d expect I read pages and skimmed the last couple of chapters or soI thought the ending chapter view spoiler [ with her talking about mortality hide spoiler ] was interesting. Being the ryyan heir to the British throne makes him want to scape all responsibility by living his “free” years partying hard and not caring about his behavior in front of paparazzi.

He isn’t flat or one-dimensional, which is nice. Return tht Book Page. To put your own existence on the line, because human and fae cannot be together. This is, more or less, Prince Harry fanfiction. Are there always so many mortals clamoring for a taste of flight?

He has been killed by a malevolent, evil force bent on destroying the world. First of all, I loved this “forbidden” love between Richard and Emrys.