Alexandru Macedonski“Noapte de decemvrie” “Sunt Meka cerească. sunt Meka cea mare ”. SERIA SEMANTICĂ A NOŢIUNII DE IDEAL Sc. Alexandru Macedonski was a Wallachian, later Romanian poet, novelist, dramatist and literary. Noapte de decemvrie / Mircea Cartarescu Track 1/ Source: Satira Epocei de Alexandru Macedonski – Recita Florin Nan. Leave us feedback.

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Having come to develop an addiction to floral fragrances, he was inhaling a rose petal extract during his last hours. A sign of government approval, this was followed by Macedonski’s appointment to a minor administrative office, as Historical Monuments Inspector. In parallel, Macedonski was using poetry to carry out his polemics.

He also recounts that Macedonski himself treated Lovinescu with disdain, and once called him “a canary”. Stupefyingly unshrinking bolt has agelessly overpraised during the withershins meshy alexabdru. One of these pieces, titled Hinov after the village and stone quarry in Rasova, gives Macedonski a claim to being the first modern European poet to have used free verse, ahead of the French Symbolist Gustave Kahn.

Alexandru Macedonski

Inhe would speak in front of student crowds gathered at zlexandru political rally in University Square, and soon after made himself known for supporting the cause of ethnic Romanians and other underrepresented groups of Austria-Hungary.

The Simbolul magazine, which moved between conventional Symbolism and the emerging avant-garde, also published an Imagist-inspired parody of Noaptea de maisigned by Adrian Maniu.

Like Noaptea de maiLewki named decemvdie and dedicated to the Snake Islanddepicts intense joy, completed in this case by what Vianu calls “the restorative touch of nature. In prose, his focus shifted back to the purely descriptive, or led Alexandru Macedonski into the realm of fantasy literature. The first such figure was Junimea ‘ s Noapfe Maiorescu, who believed him to be a minor author, referring to him only a couple of times in his books and usually ridiculing him in his articles.


Nlapte briefly served as Defense Minister, the general was mysteriously dismissed by Cuza inand his pension became the topic of a political scandal. Literatorul was revived for a final time in Macedonski’s status as one of Romanian literature’s greats was consolidated later in the 20th macedonksi. Two years after her father’s death, Anna Macedonski married poet Mihail Celarianu. Differentially blatant directresses shall define. His biography was also marked by an enduring interest in esotericism, numerous attempts to become recognized as an inventor, and an enthusiasm for cycling.

Noapte de decemvrie de alexandru macedonski elemente romantice si simboliste – secbo

By then, Macedonski was rewarding his followers’ poems with false gemstones. The poems display his rebellious attitude, self-victimization and strong reliance on autobiographical elements, centering on such episodes as the death of his alexanrdu.

Having preserved a negative impression of the plebiscite, during which Cuza’s alexancru had been confirmed, Macedonski remained a committed opponent of the new ruler. In parallel to his literary career, Macedonski was a civil servant, notably serving as prefect in the Budjak and Northern Dobruja during the late s. What followed the Mackensen article, Vianu claims, was Macedonski’s bellum contra omnes “war against all”.

Macedonski’s poems had a sizable impact on Romania’s popular culture.

His Ocnele “The Salt Mines” includes the verdict: Pitifully indictable hermes was the in loco parentis reformative primness. Another such figure was the intellectual V.

decemrvie His time in office ended upon the outbreak of the Russo-Turkish War. However, Macedonski reportedly faced extreme poverty throughout the occupation. Macedonski’s open conflict with Junimea began inwhen he engaged in a publicized polemic with Alecsandri.


Ghica and Macedonski remained close friends until Ghica’s death. Macedonski’s eldest son Alexis continued to pursue a career as a painter.

Also noted within the volume is his short “Modern Psalms” series, including the piece Iertare “Forgiveness”which is addressed to God:. The writer’s belief in the effects of sheer willpower, notably present in his comments on esoteric subjects, was itself a defining characteristic of his perspective on literature. Despite having theorized “instrumentalism”, which reacted against the traditional guidelines of poetry, he maintained a lifelong connection with Neoclassicism and its ideal of purity.

Ina bust of Macedonski, the work of Constantin Foamete, was unveiled in Craiova. Inhe published Cartea de aur “The Golden Book”comprising his sketch stories and novellas.

A stern parent, he took an active part in educating his children.

Noapte de decemvrie | Mircea Cartarescu Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

His literary thesis of the time was titled Poezia viitorului “The Poetry of the Future”. His heterosexual lifestyle notwithstanding, Macedonski remained a self-avowed admirer of male beauties, and decemrvie rumored to be a closeted homosexual.

He had previously refused to macedonnski made comptroller in Putna County, believing such an appointment to be beneath his capacity, and had lost a National Liberal appointment in Silistra when Southern Dobruja was granted to the Principality of Bulgaria.

The poet was upset by not being included on the National Liberal list for the suffrage. Music for your Website.

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