AFI 91-302 PDF

This is the initial publication of AFI , revising AFR Don’t develop AFOSH standards if existing Air Force directives and technical. Refer to Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Occupational and .. AFI , Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire. AFOSH program guidance applies to all areas, except where otherwise . Manages the AFOSH standards program (AFI , Air Force.

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Will ensure compliance with this chapter and keep ALS personnel abreast of the group’s existing and forthcoming contingencies and commitments. Training Aids and Equipment: Instructor Guides and Lesson Plans: Registered Equipment Management System Course 7. Transport Oversized Cargo TR: Disassemble the remaining filter packs and place parts in resealable bags ready for immediate installation of filter elements.

The plan outlines the training that individuals in this AFS should receive in order to develop and progress throughout their career.

COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATIONISMANDATORY NOTICE Thispublicationisavailabledigitallyonthe_百度文库

Orient New Personnel 3. Lessons will be tailored to meet the unit mission requirements. At least how many people are required when using the demand-response method?

Go means the individual can perform the task without assistance and meet local demands for accuracy, timeliness, and correct use of procedures. Is the single point authority i. Experience performing or supervising functions such as vehicle dispatch, planning and scheduling transportation support, performing fleet and operations analyses, administering driver qualification and licensing program, developing cost center resource estimates, or investigating accidents or incidents.


Theater DOD —The geographical area outside the continental United States for which a commander of a combatant command has been assigned responsibility.

When installed it will inspected IAW appropriate T.

As an egress journeyman, you’re required to have weapons safety training. Working as a team, using contracting related regulations and directives, establish performance standards and surveillance methods necessary to conduct an effective Quality Assurance Evaluation QAE program. These items are authorized for ai as a unit option.

A CFETP is a comprehensive core training document that identifies; life-cycle education and training requirements; training support resources; and minimum core sfi requirements for a specialty. Attends Air Force, joint agency, and industry meetings, groups, boards, 991-302 forces, committees, and conferences dealing with developing, modifying, or researching ALSE.

Increase combat capability of the total weapon system by enhancing the performance of the aircrew. Identify requirements for modernization and new equipment by analyzing: Restrict from flying any aircrew who has not completed required training events grounding events only. Units may use the actual aircraft installed ejection seat for egress training when designated training devices are not available provided all ejection seats are made safe by qualified egress personnel.

It further serves as a contract between the Air Education and Training Command and the user to show the overall training requirements for an Air Force specialty code which formal schools teach.

Afk training is conducted by a combination of three training packages: The individual is recertified either by erasing the old entries and writing in the new or by using correction fluid if the entries were made in ink over the previously certified entry.


Develop procedures to track supply, equipment and clothing expenditures so as adi provide quantitative requirements to the unit commander and resource manager to assist in and justify budgeting and funding requirements.

Establishes procedures for intra-command coordination and configuration control of ALS subsystems and equipment. Civilians occupying associated positions will use Part II to support duty position qualification training. Seasonal periods for local flying may be defined using average ground temperatures and chill adi, instead of the calendar date.

Egress augmentees are required to receive refresher training and recertification on the particular egress system they maintain every.

Concept of Operations 3. Conducts quarterly visits to ALS sections to ensure compliance with T. 91-320

Egress Volume 1 Ures

Added minimum clothing requirements ari be directly related to the aircraft flown, terrain, climate, forecast weather, number of occupants, availability of flight following service, and anticipated timeliness of search and rescue service. Counsel trainees and take administrative actions as necessary. Each ALS activity will prepare and submit a detailed annual budget and financial plan to their appropriate commanders and resource advisors.

As a minimum, the following will apply: Corrective actions will be documented as prescribed by governing instructions or as required to reflect current status and actions taken.