In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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Master Data AC Rule values have been defined that determine the ca605 characteristic value combinations used to derive a new value, the strategic business unit.

EC-PCA allows you to calculate the internal operating results for profit centers. What calculation the system carries out in that step depends on the following control indicators: Derivation Analysis The Customizing Monitor provides an overview of all derivation steps. All steps are executed from the top to the bottom. With derivation rules, characteristic values, known as target values, are determined directly based on the values of other characteristic values, known as source values.

You can also assign costing zap to a combination of different characteristics.

The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice. Do not spend too much time on navigation and information but instead position this demonstration as a preview of what participants are aiming for.

It contains the profit segment number, certain technical characteristics, and the values for value fields. The overview list contains all user-defined characteristics, default characteristics, and the characteristics selected from the reference tables.

The system automatically creates a standard derivation strategy for each operating concern. Rule values have been defined that determine the valid characteristic value combinations used to derive a new value, the strategic business unit. They are the central piece to the condition technique, a method used throughout SAP for performing calculations.

This CATT should be automatically executed before class but you many want to check the balance on hand. If you have not done so, wc605 the valuation function and take a af605 at the value field, Material Input. You find the changes a6c05 terminology in the following table: The table, CE3xxxx, contains the values posted to the profitability segments that are additionally available broken down into the posting period.


Unit Overview This unit discusses the concepts of derivation and valuation. Segment Level and Non-Segment Level Characteristics You first have to name an operating concern and then define its attributes.

List of standard SAP Study Materials

Customizing 2 When you define a costing key, you can enter either a costing date or a ac60 or a value for the period indicator. The example that is normally cited is the sales order number or sales order line number that you want to see at the line item level but you probably will not wc605 as a drill-down characteristic. Consumer Goods Industry Template. Assign value fields cost component structure, Notice that it also ax605 not automatically back-populate any new fields for existing transaction data although this sometimes may be carried out using the CO-PA realignment or periodic valuation functions.

SAP – Profitability Asp. Instead, these topics serve the purpose of explaining the concepts that are not covered in the standard course materials but may come up during the course from more experienced participants. Customers normally do not set up table look-ups and they need to know how the look-ups work because it eap not be the way they want a field to be derived. Sa field is populated from the customer master general data table.

You can structure the profit centers of your company according to region branch offices, plantsfunction production, salesor product product ranges, divisions. Derivation through Table Lookup A table lookup is a derivation method used by CO-PA to access the characteristic values from SAP master data tables when this information is not available on the originating transaction.

Reporting for Capital Investments and P and L accounts is required. Based on your project requirements of the team, you determine that the following characteristics and value fields are required for reporting. If company units, such as profit centers, are to be run as independent companies, profit center managers require the equivalent type of information.

Business Example The management of your company would like to implement a profitability accounting application in the SAP system. The characteristics are stored in the data division of the table, CE4xxxx.

Briefly explain where to define individual company units, such as the Management Accounting area. Underline that derivation rules access only the characteristic values in CO-PA and function on the principle of source field s derive target field s. Master Data AC Task 2: By choosing Application examples, you can view reports and planning layouts. The individuals responsible for the group need to obtain a group result through the company results of the legally independent units. They may be combinations of product, customer, and sales structure information, and wc605 encompass company code, business area, and profit center information, or both.


Typical Questions in Profitability Analysis The best way to show the purpose of Profitability Management in the SAP system is to think about some of the typical questions that can be answered, in this case with Profitability Analysis.

Derivation with Move and Clear The move function is available to spa directly move a value or s part of a value from one characteristic to another, or to move a constant into a characteristic, when certain conditions arise.

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This can be normally achieved with all characteristics, except for controlling area, company code, product, and customer. The emphasis of the cost-of-sales accounting method is on matching the revenues for goods or services provided against the related expenses for the items.

In the above example, the sold-to value is copied wc605 the ship-to value with the move function if the ship-to field is originally not populated by any previous derivation step. Condition types and Costing sheet i. After you generate the operating concern and before you activate Profitability Analysis for data entry, you need to add the valid characteristic values to the check tables generated for the new characteristics.

Should participants not be familiar with the role-based Easy Access menu, you may want to explain some tips and tricks. Profitability Management AC be directly assigned to the sale, such as sales and administration costs, are displayed separately. Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Save and Activate each of af605 characteristics. Operating Concern and its Attributes Characteristic Derivation 74 Lesson Duration: