Abhinav A Shukla has expertise in Chemistry and Biology. Reference: Cathepsin L Causes Proteolytic Cleavage of CHO Expressed Proteins During. Abhinav A. Shukla Abhinav Shukla, Mark Etzel, and Shishir Gadam, editors. of extracellular bacterial protease and found the membrane process to be. Abhinav A. Shukla, Mark R. Etzel, Shishir Gadam of the immobilization linkage, and proteolytic cleavage of the interdomain sequences of Protein A [15].

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Published online Apr 3. Also, the largest diameter chromatographic columns that are currently employed top out at 2 m in diameter.

Rubina was dating Chhoti Bahu’s male lead Avinash Sachdev before and broke up with him due to his involvement with another TV actress. Microalgae have been employed for production of industrial biotechnology products. The use of chitosan as a flocculant in mammalian cell culture dramatically improves clarification. Accessed March 26, In particular, Saccharomyces cerevisae has been used for expressing commercial biotherapeutics. All of these separation technologies have interesting possibilities and can significantly raise the bar on throughput that is currently possible from manufacturing facilities.

Examples include anticalins fused to a mAb structure. Dual targeting strategies with bispecific antibodies.

Abhinav Shukla

Production of recombinant proteins by microbes and higher organisms. Design of a filter train for precipitate removal in monoclonal antibody downstream processing. Other next generation mAb constructs include peptide fusions to mAbs at either the C or N termini to further enhance the orotease to bind to more than one target at a time. We had also worked together earlier in Chhoti Bahu, but didn’t interact much back then.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The last 20 years have seen the rapid growth of this class of therapeutics with over mAbs in clinical development today.

Zhou J, Tressel T. Strategies for high level recombinant protein expression in transgenic microalgae — a review. What got us together is the fact that we are both thinkers, hardcore travelers and fitness freaks.

This is a methylotrophic yeast that can be cultivated at very high cell densities. Product hold steps also require significant tank volumes in manufacturing facilities which poses another limitation to productivity.

The establishment of robust abhonav platforms are key for antibody drug discovery efforts to seamlessly translate into clinical and commercial successes.

Evolving trends in mAb production processes

Viral clearance for biopharmaceutical downstream processes. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. A number of these factors have been examined in the context of driving process innovation. He was an allrounder who participated in various science exhibitions as well as sports.

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Abinav this point of time, microalgae fermentation systems are still relatively low yielding. Additionally, organizations with manufacturing capacity are looking to make more efficient use of existing plants to reduce the need for new plant construction.


The future of industrial bioprocessing — batch or continuous? Introduction to mAb platform processes Monoclonal antibodies mAbs are the most successful class of biopharmaceuticals today. For example if the two halves of the mAb are expressed separately, a downstream process that requires disassembly of the two halves followed by reassembly to form the heterodimeric species will have to be conducted.

This article is about the actor. However, several emerging trends are continuing to shape the biopharmaceutical industry today. Konstantinov K, Cooney C. Shukla A, Gottschalk U.

The ease and speed of producing mAbs has enabled rapid entry of these product candidates into clinical trials and the scalability and robustness of these processes has hugely facilitated large scale commercial supply.

The process will also include two dedicated orthogonal viral clearance steps as per ICH guidelines. Shukla shuk,a, 1 Leslie S. Monoclonal antibodies mAbs are the most successful class of biopharmaceuticals today. Recent downstream platforms for mAbs Amgen was one of the first companies to disclose its approach to a downstream process platform. When combined with a modular construction that can be assembled together rapidly, this becomes a technology that can expand biomanufacturing worldwide.